The Spreadsheet editor is used to inspect geometry attributes.


The Spreadsheet editor.

Main Region

The main view allows you to view the actual spreadsheet. Row indices and column names remain visible when scrolling down or to the side.

Data Set Region

With the Data Set region on the left you can choose which geometry component and geometry domain to view. For each attribute domain its size is displayed, for example the number of faces.

Geometry Component Type

Part of the geometry to display data from.


Mesh component containing point, corner, face and edge data.

Point Cloud

Point cloud component containing only point data.


Display curve data which are the attributes on splines and control points.


Display which objects and collections are instanced and their transforms.

Attribute Domain

Attribute domain to display.


Display attributes that are stored per vertex.


Display attributes that are stored per edge.


Display attributes that are stored per face.

Face Corner

Display attributes that are stored per face corner.

Status Bar

The status bar shows how many rows and columns there are and how many have been filtered out.