Transfer Attribute Node


Transfer Attribute node.

The Transfer Attribute node retrieves values from a target geometry and provides them as a field, so they can be used anywhere.



The geometry to retrieve the attribute from.


A field to evaluate on the Target geometry for use with the transfer method.

Source Position

The position to start from when finding the closest location on the target mesh or point cloud. Used in the Nearest Face Interpolated and Nearest modes. By default, this is the same as if the Position Node was connected.


Which index to use when retrieving the data from the input field in Index mode. By default, the index is used, meaning that the data from the source attribute is copied directly to the output. However, a different index can be connected, resulting in a “shuffling” of the values. Indices that are either too large or below 0 are clamped.


To retrieve a single attribute value instead of a field, a single integer input or the Integer Node can be connected to this socket.



Domain that the attribute is transferred from, or in other words, the attribute domain used to evaluate the Attribute input. For example, it is possible to transfer a point attribute from one geometry to the face domain of another geometry.


How elements from the destination geometry are mapped to the output.


Copy the attribute data from the value at the input index. In this mode, the target geometry can consist of a mesh, point cloud, or curve. The matching component type from the context will be chosen if possible, otherwise a component will be chosen in that order.

Nearest Face Interpolated

Transfer the attribute from the nearest point from anywhere on the surface. Non-face attributes are interpolated across the surface (edge attributes are not supported yet). Loose points and edges are ignored.


Transfer the attribute from the nearest element (with a domain chosen by the Domain input). No interpolation is done.



The data retrieved from the Target geometry, mapped based on the node’s settings and inputs.



Transferring the position of vertices from a different object’s geometry, assuming that they have the same number of points.