The Graph Editor allows users to adjust animation curves over time for any animatable property. F-Curves.


The Graph Editor.

Main Region

The curve view allows you to view and edit F-Curves. An F-Curve has several key parts:


The curve defines the value (Y axis) of the property over time (X axis).

See F-Curves.


Keyframes are user-defined values on certain frames and are represented by little black squares which become orange if selected.

See Keyframes for more information.


Each keyframe has a handle that helps determine the values of the curve between keyframes. These handles are represented by extruding lines with circular ends and can be selected and modified to change the shape of the curve.

See F-Curve Handles for more information.


A simple curve.

See also

See F-Curves for more info.

Playhead & 2D Cursor


Graph Editor 2D Cursor.

The current frame is represented by a blue vertical line called the Playhead.

As in the Timeline, you can change the current frame by LMB-dragging in the scrubbing area at the top of the editor.

The blue horizontal line is called the 2D Cursor. This can be enabled or disabled via the View Menu or the View Properties panel.

These two lines can be used as a reference for moving and scaling keyframe handles.

See also

See Graph Editor’s View Tab.

View Axes

For Actions the X axis represents time, the Y axis represents the value to set the property.

Depending on the selected curves, the values have different meaning: for example rotation properties are shown in degrees.