Side of Active



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Select ‣ Side of Active

With an active vertex, this tool will select all vertices in a specified direction. It is similarly to the Loop Inner-Region tool in that it will fill select faces within its perimeters, however, it is determined by direction and not by a closed loop.

Axis Mode

Determines the behavior of the selection. More information on this can be found in Transform Orientations.

Axis Sign
Positive/Negative Axis

Depending on which Axis is chosen, the selection will encompass the positive or negative axis starting from the active vertex outward.

Aligned Axis

Where Positive and Negative Axis select all vertices in a given direction, Aligned Axis will only select the vertices that are in-line with the active vertex.


While following along the X axis: (from left to right) active vertex, Aligned, Positive, and Negative.


Chooses the direction of the selection.


The amount of influence the selection has outside the original perimeters. The higher the Threshold the more vertices will be selected.