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The Radius allows you to directly control the width of the extrusion along the “spinal” curve. The Radius of the points is set using the Shrink/Fatten Radius transform tool Alt-S, the Curve ‣ Transform ‣ Shrink/Fatten Radius, or the Properties region ‣ Transform ‣ Radius.


One control point radius set to zero.


Remember, these curves can be converted into meshes with Alt-C in Object Mode.


This setting controls how the normals (visualization: arrows) twist around each control point – so it is only relevant with 3D curves! You set it using the Tilt transform tool in the Tool Shelf, the Properties region ‣ Transform ‣ Tilt, Curve ‣ Transform ‣ Tilt.

You can also reset it to its default value (i.e. perpendicular to the original curve plane) with Alt-T, Curve ‣ Control Points ‣ Clear Tilt. With NURBS, the tilt is always smoothly interpolated. However, with Bézier, you can choose the interpolation algorithm between Linear, Ease, B-Spline, and Cardinal, in the Properties Editor ‣ Object Data ‣ Active Spline ‣ Tilt.


30 degree Mean Tilt of all control points.