Download & Install#

Precision Drawing Tools (PDT) now ships with Blender. In this case you need only enable the Add-on in the Add-on Preferences.

However, the latest releases can be found on our GitHub.

Downloads should only be taken the from the official releases page.

Patches and Commits, that may add new features and/or bug fixes may be downloaded from the Commits to the Master branch, no development code should be used in any Production Environment, unless you accept that it is at your own risk.


Installation should only be carried out in accordance with standard Blender Add-on procedure.


Add-on will be displayed in the “N” (Ui) Panel of the 3D view under its own Tab as shown below:


Only one PDT menu (Design) is shown as expanded, by default all menus are expanded when the add-on is loaded.

Optional Button Labels, Messages, Descriptions, etc.#

All Button labels, Input Descriptions & Messages in PDT are stored in the file: You may edit this file to reflect any changes you want in button names, etc. but only edit the portion in quotes, do not add any new lines, or delete any lines and do not change any of the PDT_ assignments at the start of each line, for some options, alternatives have been suggested as shown below:


It is recommended that you save a backup of this file in a safe location on your computer before performing any edits.

You might also like to translate these into your own language, again only edit the message section in quotes, not the PDT assignments.


Please report any issues, or feature request, etc. using the Issues section of the PDT Repository, that way they can be properly tracked, actioned and incorporated into the add-on.