Drawing Brushes


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Panel:Tool Shelf ‣ Grease Pencil ‣ Drawing Brushes
A List Views of preset brushes. You can switch between the brushes using keyboard numbers from 1 to 0. The selected drawing brush is the brush in the list located at that position.
Width of full pressure strokes in pixels constant to the viewport i.e. not affected by the zoom. The thickness can be lower depending of the pressure.
Adjust the sensitivity of the thickness to the pressure of the pen on the tablet. The pressure can be disabled by clicking the small button to the right.
Similar to sensitivity, but affects the alpha value of the color. This parameter gives the effect of color fading or watercolor.
The properties for Sensitivity and Strength additionally have a randomness factor which can be enabled using the jagged line icon to the right of the number sliders.
Define a jitter randomness in the stroke.

Defines the angle when the thickness of the stroke will be 100%. Any change in the direction will change the thickness.

Defines the effect for drawing angle changes in thickness.


The Angle and Angle Factor parameters allow you to create drawing brushes such as markers that change the thickness depending on the angle of drawing. This can help create a more natural-looking line.


Preset Brushes.

Stroke Quality

These settings are per-brush settings that are applied after each stroke is drawn (when converting from 2D/screen space coordinates to 3D/data space coordinates). These are per-brush settings so that you can apply varying properties to different types of brushes. E.g. higher smoothing and/or subdivision for final “beauty”, and less smoothing/subdivision for initial “blocking” strokes.


Defines how much smoothing is applied (using the same method as the “Smooth” Brush). It is used to get rid of jagged edges and jitter/hand shake.

Smoothing Iterations
Defines how many times smoothing is applied. On each additional round of smoothing performed, the strength of the smoothing applied is halved, i.e. on the first round, it will be 100% of smoothing factor, then 50%, then 25%, etc. This setting is most useful for improving the quality of heavily subdivided strokes, where the multiple rounds of smoothing can help reduce “faceting” artifacts.
Subdivision Steps

Defines how many times the stroke will be subdivided. Each time the stroke is subdivided, extra stroke points are added between each pair of existing stroke points. The main use of this setting is to make strokes look less “faceted” (especially large strokes drawn quickly). Strokes are subdivided before smoothing is applied.

Amount of randomness to add to new strokes after subdivision.

Brush Curves


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Panel:Tool Shelf ‣ Grease Pencil ‣ Brush Curves

This panel allows you to adjust the parameters used with tablets to get personal preferences. The available curves that can be edited are:

  • Sensitivity
  • Strength
  • Jitter

Read more about using the Curve Widget.