Mode:Object Mode, Edit Mode and Pose Mode
Panel:Properties editor ‣ Bone

When bones are selected (hence in Edit Mode and Pose Mode), their properties are shown in the Bone tab of the Properties editor. This shows different panels used to control features of each selected bone; the panels change depending on which mode you are working in.


The Bone tab.



Mode:Edit Mode and Pose Mode
Panel:Bone ‣ Transform

The Transform panel (Edit Mode).


The Transform panel (Pose Mode).

When in Edit Mode you can use this panel to control position and roll of individual bones. Whereas in Pose Mode you can only set location for the main bone, and you can now set rotation and scale.

Transform Locks


Mode:Pose Mode
Panel:Bone ‣ Transform Locks

The Transform Locks panel.

This panel appears only in pose mode and allows you to restrict position, rotation and scale by axis on each bone in the armature.

Inverse Kinematics


Mode:Pose Mode
Panel:Bone ‣ Inverse Kinematics

The Inverse Kinematics panel.

This panel controls the way a bone or set of bones behave when linked in an inverse kinematic chain.

Custom Properties


Mode:Pose Mode
Panel:Bone ‣ Custom Properties

See the Custom Properties page for more information.