The Tool Shelf contains most of the options for vertex painting. The following sections describe the controls in each of the available panels.


Vertex Painting options.


The brush presets data-block menu.

The color of the brush. See Color Picker.

Press S on any part of the image to sample that color and set it as the brush color. Hold Ctrl to paint with background color.

Flip (cycle icon) X
Swaps the foreground and background color.


Note that Vertex Paint works in sRGB space, and the RGB representation of the same colors will be different between the paint tools and the materials that are in linear space.

Set the radius of the brush.
Set the strength of the brush’s effect.

See Color Blend Modes.

In addition, here you can select the Blur or Smear mode.

When this is disabled, it locks (prevents changes) the alpha channel while painting.
This will allow a stroke to accumulate on itself, just like an airbrush would do.
Front Faces Only
Only paint on the front side of faces.
Falloff Angle

As faces point away from the view the brush strokes fade away to prevent harsh edges.

The angle at which the falloff begins.
2D Falloff
This turns the brush influence into a cylinder (the depth along the view is ignored) instead of a sphere.

Stroke & Curve

See Stroke & Curve.



Color Tools


Mode:Vertex Paint Mode
Adjust vertex color brightness/contrast.
Hue Saturation Value
Adjust vertex color HSV values.
Adjust levels of vertex colors.
Invert RGB values.
Vertex Color from Weight
Converts the active weight into grayscale vertex colors.
Dirty Vertex Colors
Blur Strength
Blur strength per iteration.
Blur Iterations
Number of times to blur the colors (higher blurs more).
Highlight Angle
Less than 90 limits the angle used in the tonal range.
Dirt Angle
Less than 90 limits the angle used in the tonal range.
Dirt Only
When active it won’t calculate cleans for convex areas.
Smooth Vertex Colors
Smooth colors across vertices.
Set Vertex Colors Shift-K
Fill the active vertex color layer with the current paint color.

See also

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