Linked Libraries

These functions help you reuse materials, objects and other data-blocks loaded from an external source blend-file. You can build libraries of common content and share them across multiple referencing files.

Proxy Objects


Editor:3D View
Mode:Object Mode
Menu:Object ‣ Make Proxy…

Lets you make changes locally over an object (or group) linked from an external library. Some types of changes remain restricted, but others can be made locally, depending on the type of object. Those changes are not sent to the external library. Ctrl-Alt-P makes the active linked object into a local proxy, appending «_proxy» to its name.

Used with rigged models, proxy objects, allow specified bone layers to be linked back to the source file while the remainder of the object and its skeleton are edited locally. Set the Protected Layers in the source file using the Skeleton panel of the Armatures tab. See Armature Layers. The bones in protected layers will have their position restored from the source file when the referencing file is reloaded.

Make Local


Editor:3D View
Mode:Object Mode
Menu:Object ‣ Make Local…

Makes the selected or all external objects local in the current blend-file. This makes e.g. the position editable, because its position is defined in its source file.


Optionally unlinks the object’s Object Data and Material Data.

Selected Objects, + Object Data, + Materials, All (i.e. including all scenes)


Appending data you already have linked will add objects/groups to the scene, but will keep them linked (and un-editable).

This is done so existing relationships with linked data remain intact.


Another way to transform an object locally is with the use of Dupli-Groups. Instead of linking to Objects directly, it is often more useful to link in Groups, which can be assigned to empties and moved, while maintaining the link to the original file.

It is also useful to be able to add/remove objects from the group without having to manage linking in multiple objects.

Known Limitations

For the most part linking data will work as expected, however, there are some corner cases which are not supported.

Circular Dependencies

In general, dependencies should not go in both directions.

Attempting to link or append data which links back to the current file will likely result in missing links.

Object Rigid Body Constraints

When linking objects directly into a blend-file, the Rigid Body settings will not be linked in since they are associated with their scene’s world.

As an alternative, you could link in the entire scene and set it as a Background Set.