Erase Brush

Erase brushes are the special types of brushes that uses Grease Pencil for Erase tools. The brush can be changed in the Tool Settings.

Soft and hard eraser brushes are settings variations of the same Erase Brush. You can create many brushes, each with unique settings to get different effects while erasing.

The Erase Brush has also other two special eraser types: point and stroke.

Tool Settings



Brush data-block panel.


The Data-Block Menu to select a preset brush type or a custom brush.

Add Brush

When you add a brush, the new brush is a clone of the current one.

Brush Specials

Reset Brush

Reset the current brush to its default settings.

Reset All Brushes

Reset all brushes to their default settings.

Custom Icon

Allows definition of a custom brush icon.

Image Path

Defines the path to the image to use as custom icon.


To save a custom brush in a blend-user, enable Fake User.

Brush Settings


The radius of the brush in pixels.

F allows you to change the brush size interactively by dragging the mouse/pen or by typing a number then confirm.

Use Pressure (pressure sensitivity icon)

Uses stylus pressure to control how strong the effect is.

Occlude Eraser (overlapping squares icon)

Erase only strokes visible and not occluded by geometry.


Determines how the erase tool behaves.


To simulate a raster type eraser, this eraser type affects the strength and thickness of the strokes before actually delete a point.


Control how much will affect the eraser has on the stroke transparency (alpha).

You can change the brush strength interactively by pressing Shift-F in the 3D Viewport and then moving the mouse/pen and then LMB. You can also enter the size numerically.

Use Pressure (pressure sensitivity icon)

Uses stylus pressure to control how strong the effect is.

Affect Stroke Strength

The amount of deletion of the stroke strength (alpha) while erasing.

Affect Stroke Thickness

The amount of deletion of the stroke thickness while erasing.


Delete one point at a time.


Delete an entire stroke.

Display Cursor

Shows the brush shape in the viewport.