Wireframe Modifier

The Wireframe modifier transforms a mesh into a wireframe by iterating over its faces, collecting all edges and turning those edges into four-sided polygons. Be aware of the fact that your mesh needs to have faces to be wireframed. You can define the thickness, the material and several other parameters of the generated wireframe dynamically via the given modifier options.



The Wireframe modifier.


The depth or size of the wireframes.


A value between (-1 to 1) to change whether the wireframes are generated inside or outside of the original mesh. Set to zero, Offset will center the wireframes around the original edges.


Creates wireframes on mesh island boundaries.

Replace Original

If this option is enabled, the original mesh is replaced by the generated wireframe. If not, the wireframe is generated on top of it.


Maintain thickness by adjusting for sharp corners. Sometimes improves quality but also increases computation time.


Determines the edge thickness by the length of the edge. Longer edges will be thicker.

Crease Edges

This option is intended for usage with the Subdivision modifier. Enable this option to crease edges on their junctions and prevent large curved intersections.

Crease Weight

Define how much crease (0 to 1, nothing to full) the junctions should receive.

Material Offset

Uses the chosen material index as the material for the wireframe; this is applied as an offset from the first material.


Wireframe thickness is an approximation. While Even Thickness should yield good results in many cases, skinny faces can cause ugly spikes. In this case you can either reduce the extreme angles in the geometry or disable the Even Thickness option.

Vertex Group

Restrict the modifier to only this vertex group.


Inverts the vertex group weights.


Percentage that the vertex has influence over the final wireframe result.



Wireframes on a displaced plane.

In this example, the wireframes carry a second (dark) material while the displaced plane uses its original one.


Vertex group weighting.

The weights of the vertex group gradually change from 0 to 1.


Wireframe and Subdivision Surface modifier.

Cube with enabled Crease Edges option. The Crease Weight is set to 0, 0.5 and 1.