Render Panel


Render panel.

Render F12

Starts rendering a still image of the current frame.

Animation Ctrl-F12

Starts rendering an animation. See Rendering Animations for more detail.


Mixes all the audio found in a scene and saves into one file. See Introduction.

By default the biggest area is replaced with the UV/Image Editor and the render appears.

To cancel the rendering process click the cancel button X besides the progress bar in the Info Editor, or press Esc.


Renders are displayed in the UV/Image Editor. You can set the way this is displayed to several different options in the Display menu:

Keep UI

The image is rendered to the UV/Image Editor, but the UI remains the same. You will need to open the UV/Image Editor manually to see the render result.

New Window

A new floating window opens up, displaying the render.

Image Editor

One of the existing editors is replaced with the UV/Image Editor, showing the render.

Full Screen

The UV/Image Editor replaces the UI, showing the render.

Lock Interface

Lock interface during rendering in favor of giving more memory to the renderer.