Editing Tools

Grease Pencil edit tools:


Some Object Mode are also present.


Select or moved.

Select Box

Select geometry by dragging a box.

Select Circle

Select geometry by painting on it.

Select Lasso

Select geometry by drawing a lasso.


Change the location of the 3D Cursor.

Extrude E

Extrusion tools duplicate points, while keeping the new geometry connected with the original points.

Radius Alt-S

Expand or contract the thickness radius of the selected points.

Bend Shift-W

Bend selected points between the 3D cursor and the mouse/pen.

Shear Shift-Ctrl-Alt-S

Shear selected points along the horizontal or vertical screen axis.

To Sphere Shift-Alt-S

Move selected points outward in a spherical shape around the selected strokes” center.