Point Scale Node


The Point Scale node.

The Point Scale node changes the scale attribute of every point in the geometry by the specified amount, either from the attribute input or a vector input. This node is provided for convenience, as it's equivalent to using the Attribute Vector Math Node with the Multiply operation and the scale attribute.

The scale attribute is used by the Point Instance Node to determine the size of every instanced object or collection.



Standard geometry input.


The attribute, float or vector input.



Use the values from the attribute to scale each point by a different amount.


Use a single value to scale every single point. This is a shortcut for assigning the same value for the X, Y, and Z components of the vector input, and allows adjusting the scale in a uniform way.

Vector (ベクトル)

Use a single vector to scale every single point. Equivalent to the Transform Node.

Output (出力)


Standard geometry output.