This chapter explains how to change Blender’s default configuration with the User Preferences editor.

The Blender User Preferences editor contains settings to control how Blender behaves. At the top of the editor, the available options are grouped into tabs.

Open User Preferences

To open the User Preferences editor go to File ‣ User Preferences.


Save User Settings

Once you have set your preferences, you will need to manually save them, otherwise the new configuration will be lost after a restart.

In the User Preferences editor, click on the Save User Settings button in the bottom left. This will save all of the new preferences.


It can be valuable to make a backup of your preferences in the event that you lose your configuration.

See the directory layout section to see where your preferences are stored.

Load Factory Settings

Use this to restore the default configuration, note that no permanent changes are made until you save the preferences.

Go to File ‣ Load Factory Settings then optionally save the preferences via the User Preferences editor.