Mode:Edit Mode
Menu:Armature ‣ Bone Settings ‣ …
Hotkey:Shift-W, Shift-Ctrl-W, Alt-W

Most bones’ properties (except the transform ones) are regrouped in each bone’s panels, in the Bones tab in Edit Mode. Let us detail them.

Note that some of them are also available in the 3D Views, through the three pop-up menus within the same entry:

  • Toggle Setting: Shift-W or Armature ‣ Bone Settings ‣ Toggle a Setting
  • Enable Setting: Shift-Ctrl-W or Armature ‣ Bone Settings ‣ Enable a Setting
  • Disable Setting: Alt-W or Armature ‣ Bone Settings ‣ Disable a Setting
Draw Wire
ToDo <2.60.
(also Shift-W ‣ (Deform, …)).
Multiply Vertex Group by Envelope

(also Shift-W ‣ (Multiply Vertex Group by Envelope, …)).

These settings control how the bone influences its geometry, along with the bones’ joints radius. This will be detailed in the skinning part.

Inherit Rotation
These settings affect the behavior of children bones while transforming their parent in Pose Mode, so this will be detailed in the posing part!
Inherit Scale
ToDo <2.62.
(also Shift-W ‣ (Locked, …)) This will prevent all editing of the bone in Edit Mode; see previous page.