Previsão ou renderização da cena

It allows you to control how the images of Scene Strips are displayed in the preview.

Pré-visualização OpenGL

Use a quick OpenGL preview (see OpenGL render for more on this subject), otherwise a full render is used, which can be very slow.

Previsão de sombreamento no editor de sequências
Method for rendering OpenGL renders. See the 3D View’s Sombreamento na porta de visão options.
Sólido texturizado
Display textures even when in solid mode.

Settings used by OpenGL Previews:

  • The anti-alias setting from the active scene is used for all scenes.
  • The alpha setting is taken from each scene strip Alpha Mode option.

Configurações de visualização

Mostrar super-exposições
Shows overexposed (bright white) areas using a zebra pattern. The threshold can be adjust with the slider.
Tamanho de renderização da aproximação
Size to display proxies at in the preview region. Using a smaller preview size will increase speed.

Áreas de segurança

Shows guides used to position elements to ensure that the most important parts of the video can be seen across all screens.

Veja também

See Safe Areas in the camera docs.

Lápis de cera

Allows you to use Grease Pencil in the Sequencer.