The Sequencer region is horizontally divided into channels, each channel can contain what is called a strip. A strip can be an image, animation, or any number of effects. Each channel is numbered consecutively on the Y axis, starting from zero and allows up to 32 total channels. The X axis represents time. Each channel can contain as many strips as it needs as long as they do not overlap. If a strip needs to overlap another, it needs to be placed on a channel above or below the other strip. When strips are stacked, they stack from bottom to top where the lowest channel forms the background and the highest the foreground.


O primeiro canal marcado como zero não é utilizável como local para posicionar as faixas. Isto é porque ele é usado para a exibição do editor de sequências de vídeo para mostrar a composição de todas as faixas que estão acima do canal 0.

This region is where strips can be selected, modified by moving, cutting, or extending strips. There are also several built-in effects that can be combined with other strips to change their appearance.