Object Data

The mesh Data-Block Menu can be used to link the data between objects.


In geometry, a normal is a direction or line that is perpendicular to something, typically a triangle or surface but can also be relative to a line, a tangent line for a point on a curve, or a tangent plane for a point on a surface. Normals help to determine the shading of the mesh among other things.

See Normal Properties for more information.

Texture Space

Each Object can have an automatically generated UV map, these maps can be adjusted here.

See Generated UV Properties for more information.

Vertex Groups

Vertex groups can be used to assign a group or weighted group to some operator. An object can have several weight groups and can be assigned in Weight Paint mode, or in Edit Mode via this panel.

See Vertex Groups for more information.

Shape Keys

Shape Keys can be used to transform one shape into another. See Shape Keys Panel for more information.

UV Maps

UV Maps are used to map a 3D object onto a 2D plane that determines where a texture appears on the 3D object. Different UV Maps can be used for different textures. For more information see UV Maps Panel.

Vertex Colors

Color data can be applied directly to an object’s vertices rather than using a texture or a material. Colors can are painted onto vertices in Vertex Paint mode.

Geometry Data

Mesh objects can have different types of custom data attached to them. This data is mostly used internally and can export by some exporters. See Custom Data for more information.