Texture Mapping Modifier

The Texture Mapping Modifier change the strokes texture UV position.



Texture Mapping.


The texture transformation will be applied to the stroke/fill or stroke UVs.

Stroke Fit Method

Selects the texture fitting method.

Constant Length:

The texture keep a consistent length along the strokes.

Stroke Length:

The texture is normalized to fit the stroke length.

UV Offset

Moves the texture along the strokes.

Вращение (rotation)

Rotates the points of the strokes.


The Rotation option is limited to a range of -90 to 90 degrees.

Масштаб (scale)

Factor for the texture scale.

Fill (Заполнение):
Fill Rotation

Sets the texture angle.

Смещение (offset)

Moves the texture origin.

X, Y

Масштаб (scale)

Factor for the texture scale.


See Influence Filters.


Opacity Factor samples.

Rotation: 0°.


Rotation: 45°.


Rotation: 90°.