Adding/Removing a Constraint#

What is described on this page about Object Constraints can be also be applied on Bone Constraints.



Режим (mode):

Объектный режим


Properties ‣ Constraint tab

To add a constraint click on the Add Object Constraint menu in the Constraints tab.


To remove a constraint click on the «X» button in the header.



Режим (mode):

Объектный режим


Объект ‣ Отслеживать

These tools add a tracking constraint to the selected objects; the target object of the constraint will be the active object, which won’t have a constraint added.

Отменить слежение (Clear Track)

Removes all Damped Track, Track To and Lock Track Constraints from the selected objects.

Clear and Keep Transformation (Clear Track)

Removes all Track Constraint from the selected objects, while keeping the final transform caused by them.