Common Options

In the Tool Settings you can select the brush and material to use with the tool.


The Меню блока данных to select a preset brush type or a custom brush. See Brush options.


Data-block selector for the material. Except for the Erase tool of course.

Pin Material (pin icon)

Pin the material to the brush.

The final appearance of the strokes is a combination of the brush and material used, binding the material to the brush gives more control and avoids a lack of coordination between the two.


A toggle. Todo.


Use the stroke/fill base color material.

Vertex Color

Use Vertex color.

Color Picker

The color of the brush. See Сборщик цвета.

Color Palette

Active Color Palette. See Color Palette.


Only paint over strokes.


Only paint over fill areas.

Stroke and Fill

Paint over strokes and fill areas.

Mix Factor

Mixing factor between the selected color and the base material color.