Texture Mapping Modifier

The Texture Mapping Modifier change the strokes texture UV position.

Options – Опції


Texture Mapping.

Mode – Режим

The texture transformation will be applied to the stroke/fill or stroke UVs.

Штрих – Stroke:
Stroke Fit Method

Selects the texture fitting method.

Constant Length:

The texture keep a consistent length along the strokes.

Stroke Length:

The texture is normalized to fit the stroke length.

UV Offset

Moves the texture along the strokes.

Rotation – Обертання

Rotates the points of the strokes.


The Rotation option is limited to a range of -90 to 90 degrees.

Scale – Масштаб

Factor for the texture scale.

Fill – Заповнення:
Fill Rotation

Sets the texture angle.

Offset – Зсув

Moves the texture origin.

X, Y

Scale – Масштаб

Factor for the texture scale.

Influence – Вплив

Дивіться Фільтри Впливу – Influence Filters.

Example – Приклад

Opacity Factor samples.

Rotation: 0°.


Rotation: 45°.


Rotation: 90°.