Attribute Combine XYZ Node


This node is considered legacy and will be removed in Blender 4.0.

Please use the Combine XYZ Node instead.


Attribute Combine XYZ Node.

The Attribute Combine XYZ Node combines a vector attribute from individual components.

Inputs – Уводи

Геометрія – Geometry

Standard geometry input.

X, Y, Z

The inputs to the components of the vector.


The name of the attribute where the computed vector is stored. A new attribute with that name is added if it does not exist yet. If it does exist, the values of the existing attribute are overridden.


The resulting vector is not normalized.

Властивості – Properties

X, Y, Z
Атрибут – Attribute

The input is a text field that expects an attribute name.


The input is a float number.

Вивід – Output

Геометрія – Geometry

Standard geometry output.