Attribute Randomize Node


This node is considered legacy and will be removed in Blender 4.0.


Attribute Randomize Node.

The Attribute Randomize node replaces the values in an attribute with random values within the given range.

Inputs – Уводи

Геометрія – Geometry

Standard geometry input.

Атрибут – Attribute

Name of the attribute to fill with random values. If there is no attribute with the given name, a new one is created.

Min – Мін

The random value will be at least this value.

Max – Макс

The random value will be no more than this value.

Базис – Seed

Seed to change the random sequence.

Властивості – Properties

Type – Тип

Type of data stored in the attribute.


Single (floating-point) value.

Vector – Вектор

Array of three (floating-point) values.

Boolean – Булів

A true or false value.

Operation – Операція

How new random attribute values relate to the existing attribute values.


Replace the value and data type of an existing attribute, or create a new one.

Add – Додання

Add the random values to the existing attribute values.

Subtract – Відняття

Subtract random values from the existing attribute values.

Multiply – Множення

Multiply the existing attribute values with the random values.

Outputs – Виводи

Геометрія – Geometry

Standard geometry output.