Attribute Vector Rotate Node


This node is considered legacy and will be removed in Blender 4.0.

Please use the Вузол «Оберт Вектора» – Vector Rotate Node instead.


The Attribute Vector Rotate Node.

The Attribute Vector Rotate Node provides the ability to rotate a vector attribute around a pivot point (Center).

Inputs – Уводи

Геометрія – Geometry

Standard geometry input.

Vector – Вектор

The name of the vector attribute that will be rotated.

Центр – Center

Точка, навколо якої буде обертання.

Axis – Вісь

The axis used for the Axis Angle mode.

Angle – Кут

The name of the attribute used for the rotation angle.

Rotation – Обертання

The rotation for the Euler mode.

Invert – Інвертування

Інвертує кут обертання.

Властивості – Properties

Режим – Mode

The type of angle input.

Вісь X, Y, Z – X, Y, Z Axis

Rotates the vector around the given axis. The amount of rotation is defined by the Angle input.

Axis Angle – Вісь-Кут

Rotates the vector around any arbitrary axis defined by the Axis input vector attribute. The amount of rotation is defined by the Angle input attribute.

Euler – Ейлер

Rotates the vector about the Center input values with the Rotation input vector values to control the amount of rotation on each axis.

Vector, Center, Axis, Angle, Rotation
Атрибут – Attribute

A text field to input an attribute name.

Vector – Вектор

The input is a vector of three float numbers.


The input is a number field.

Вивід – Output

Геометрія – Geometry

Standard geometry output.