Transform Node – Вузол «Трансформа»


The Transform node.

The Transform Node allows you to move, rotate or scale the geometry. The transformation is applied to the entire geometry, and not per element. For example, rotation with this node will change the location of each point rather than changing the rotation of individual points. For that, the Point Rotate node can be used.

Inputs – Уводи

Геометрія – Geometry

Standard geometry input.

Переклад – Translation

Translates the geometry in the local space of the modified object.

Rotation – Обертання

Euler rotation in local space.

Масштаб – Scale

Scale to transform the geometry in local space.

Властивості – Properties

Цей вузол наразі немає властивостей.

Вивід – Output

Геометрія – Geometry

Standard geometry output.