Align Rotation to Vector Node


The Align Rotation to Vector node.

The Align Rotation to Vector node rotates points into the given direction. It does so by modifying the rotation attribute.

Inputs – Уводи

Геометрія – Geometry

Standard geometry input.

Factor – Фактор

Determines how much the points are rotated towards the vector. Zero effectively disables the node and one means that the points are aligned with the vector perfectly.

Vector – Вектор

The direction vector that points should be rotated to. The vector is in the local space of the object that is being modified. When it is all zeros for a point, it is not rotated at all.

Властивості – Properties

Axis – Вісь

Local axis of the object that is to be rotated towards the vector input.

Опорточка – Pivot

The local axis to rotate around.

Auto – Авто

The best rotation angle is computed automatically. This minimizes the angle of rotation.

X, Y, Z

Rotate around a specific local axis.

Factor – Фактор

Type of the Factor input socket.

Vector – Вектор

Type of the Vector input socket.

Outputs – Виводи

Геометрія – Geometry

Standard geometry output.