UV Unwrap Node

UV Unwrap node.

The UV Unwrap Node generates a UV map islands based on a selection of seam edges. The node implicitly performs a Pack Islands operation upon completion, because the results may not be generally useful otherwise.

Дивись також

The Розгортання – Unwrap operator performs a similar operation in the UV editor. Unlike the Unwrap operator, the node doesn’t perform aspect ratio correction, because it is trivial to implement with a Вузол «Векторна Математика» – Vector Math Node.

Inputs – Уводи

Selection – Вибрання

Faces to participate in the unwrap operation. UVs that are part of any other face will not be affected.

Шов – Seam

Edges to mark where the mesh is «cut» for the purposes of unwrapping.

Припуск – Margin

The distance to leave between UV islands.

Заповнити Отвори – Fill Holes

Virtually fill holes in mesh before unwrapping, to better avoid overlaps and preserve symmetry.

Properties – Властивості

Method – Метод
На Основі Кутів – Angle Based

This method gives a good 2D representation of a mesh

Конформно – Conformal

Uses LSCM (Least Squares Conformal Mapping). This usually gives a less accurate UV mapping than Angle Based, but works better for simpler objects

Вивід – Output


The generated UV coordinates between 0 and 1 for each face corner in the selected faces.