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The Pose Library panel.

The pose library is a way to store pose positions so the same position can be used again later in the animation or to store different rest poses. Pose libraries are saved to Actions. They are not generally used as actions, but can be converted to and from. The Pose Library panel is used to save, apply, and manage armature poses.


A 数据块菜单 for Actions or pose libraries.


A List view of poses for the active pose library.

添加 +

If a pose is added, a pose marker is created. The Whole Character keying set is used to determine which bones to key. If any bones are selected, only keyframes for those bones are added, otherwise all bones in the keying set are keyed. Bones that are ignored by the Whole Character keying set are always ignored, regardless of their selection state.


Adds a new pose to the active pose library with the current pose of the armature.


Will add a pose to the pose library based on the current frame selected in the Timeline. In contrast to Add New and Replace Existing which automatically allocate a pose to an action frame.


Replace an existing pose in the active pose library with the current pose of the armature.

Apply Pose (magnifying glass icon)


规整动作 (字典书图标)

Makes an action suitable for use as a pose library. This is used to convert an Action to a pose library. A pose is added to the pose library for each frame with keyframes.

移动 (上/下箭头图标)