Creating an Extensions Repository

Third party sites that wish to support extensions in Blender can do so in two ways:

  1. Fork the entire Extensions Website as a start point; or

  2. Host a JSON file listing all the packages of your repository.

To generate a valid JSON file you can use the command-line tool:

blender --command extension server-generate --repo-dir=/path/to/packages

This creates a listing from all the packages found in the specified location.

See server-generate docs.

Example of what the JSON is expected to look like:

   "version": "v1",
   "blocklist": [],
   "data": [
       "id": "blender_kitsu",
       "name": "Blender Kitsu",
       "tagline": "Pipeline management for projects collaboration",
       "version": "0.1.5-alpha+f52258de",
       "type": "add-on",
       "archive_size": 856650,
       "archive_hash": "sha256:3d2972a6f6482e3c502273434ca53eec0c5ab3dae628b55c101c95a4bc4e15b2",
       "archive_url": "",
       "blender_version_min": "4.2.0",
       "maintainer": "Blender Studio",
       "tags": ["Pipeline"],
       "license": ["SPDX:GPL-3.0-or-later"],
       "website": "",
       "schema_version": "1.0.0"

Just like for the manifest file, the optional fields (e.g., blender_version_max) are either to have a value or should be omitted from the entries.

For the official Extensions Platform, the website value is the page of the extension in the online platform. Even if the manifest points to the project specific website.


Any remote repository is expected to follow the latest API.

Multiple Versions

When Blender fetches the extensions listing it passes the following arguments to make sure only compatible extensions are listed:

  • platform

  • blender_version

This means that servers which can handle these arguments will have a single entry per-extension on the listing.

For static generated JSONs this is not supported. Instead, the JSON generated with the server-generate command will display all available versions for all the unique combinations of platforms.

Tags and Translations

If you are planning to use a different set of tags than the ones used by Blender Extensions Platform, remember to submit a pull request to

This way they can be shown translated within Blender.