Module Effect
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Module Effect

The Blender.Effect submodule

new: now Get('objname') (without specifying second paramenter: 'position') returns a list of all effects linked to object "objname".


The module effect allows you to access all the data of an effect. An effect can modify an object (typically a mesh) in three different ways.

a) the build effect : makes the mesh appear progressively.

b) the wave effect : waves appear on the mesh (which should be fine-grained)

c) the particle effect : every vertex of the mesh emits particles, which can themselves emit new particles. This effect is the most parameterizable.

In the blender internals, the effect object is just a placeholder for the "real" effect, which can be a wave, particle or build effect. The python API follows this structure : the Effect module grants access to (the few) data which are shared between all effects. It has three submodules : Wave, Build, Particle , which grant r/w access to the real parameters of these effects.

 import Blender
       listffects = Blender.Effect.Get()
       print listeffects
       eff = listeffects[0]
       #we suppose the first effect is a build effect
       print eff.getLen()

Effect This object gives access to generic data from all effects in Blender.

Function Summary
Blender Effect or a list of Blender Effects Get(objname, position)
Get an Effect from Blender.
Blender Effect New(type)
Creates a new Effect.

Function Details

Get(objname, position=None)

Get an Effect from Blender.
objname - The name of object to which is linked the effect.
position - The position of the effect in the list of effects linked to the object.
It depends on the 'objname, position' parameters:
  • (objname): A list with all Effects linked to the given object (new);
  • (objname, position): The Effect linked to the given object at the given position;
  • (): A list with all Effects in the current scene.

           (type=Blender Effect or a list of Blender Effects)


Creates a new Effect.
type - Effect type. Can be "wave", "particle" or "build"
The created Effect.
           (type=Blender Effect)

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