Module NMesh :: Class NMVert
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Class NMVert

The NMVert object

This object holds mesh vertex data.

Warning: There are two kinds of uv texture coordinates in Blender: per vertex ("sticky") and per face vertex (uv in NMFace). In the first, there's only one uv pair of coordinates for each vertex in the mesh. In the second, for each face it belongs to, a vertex can have different uv coordinates. This makes the per face option more flexible, since two adjacent faces won't have to be mapped to a continuous region in an image: each face can be independently mapped to any part of its texture.

Instance Variables
3D Vector object. (WRAPPED DATA) co
The vertex coordinates (x, y, z).
int index
The vertex index, if owned by a mesh.
3D Vector object. (unit length) (WRAPPED DATA) no
The vertex normal vector (x, y, z).
int sel
The selection state (selected:1, unselected:0) of this vertex.
3D Vector object. (WRAPPED DATA) uvco
The vertex texture "sticky" coordinates.
Instance Variable Details


The selection state (selected:1, unselected:0) of this vertex.

Note: An NMesh will return the selection state of the mesh when EditMod was last exited. A python script operating in EditMode must exit edit mode, before getting the current selection state of the mesh.



The vertex texture "sticky" coordinates. The Z value of the Vector is ignored.
3D Vector object. (WRAPPED DATA)