Module Renderlayer :: Class RenderLayer
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Class RenderLayer

The RenderLayer object

Instance Variables
bool enable
enable this render layer
bool enableEdge
Render Edge-enhance in this Layer (only works for Solid faces)
bool enableHalo
Render Halos in this Layer (on top of Solid)
bool enableSky
Render Sky or backbuffer in this Layer
bool enableSolid
Render Solid faces in this Layer
bool enableStrand
Render Strands in this Layer
bool enableZMask
Only render what's in front of the solid z values
bool enableZMaskAll
Fill in Z values for solid faces in invisible layers, for masking
bool enableZTra
Render Z-Transparent faces in this Layer (On top of Solid and Halos)
bool layerMask
group lightGroup
group of lights
string name
Get or set the name for the RenderLayer
bool passAO
Deliver AO pass
bool passAOXOR
Deliver AO pass XOR
bool passColor
Deliver shade-less Color pass
bool passCombined
Deliver full combined RGBA buffer
bool passDiffuse
Deliver Diffuse pass
bool passIndex
Deliver Object Index pass
bool passMist
Deliver Mist factor pass (0-1)
bool passNormal
Deliver Normal pass
bool passRadiosity
Deliver Radiosity pass
bool passRadiosityXOR
Deliver Radiosity pass XOR
bool passReflect
Deliver Raytraced Reflection pass
bool passRefract
Deliver Raytraced Reflection pass
bool passRefractXOR
Deliver Raytraced Reflection pass XOR
bool passShadow
Deliver Shadow pass
bool passShadowXOR
Deliver Shadow pass XOR
bool passSpecular
Deliver Specular pass
bool passSpecularXOR
Deliver Specular pass XOR
bool passSpeed
Deliver Speed Vector pass
bool passUV
Deliver Texture UV pass
bool passZ
Deliver Z values pass
bool zLayerMask