Module BezTriple
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Module BezTriple

The Blender.BezTriple submodule

New: This module provides access to the BezTriple Data in Blender. It is used by CurNurb and IpoCurve objects.
BezTriple This object gives access to generic data from all BezTriple objects in Blender.

Function Summary
BezTriple New(coords)
Create a new BezTriple object.

Variable Summary
readonly dictionary HandleTypes: The available BezTriple handle types.

Function Details


Create a new BezTriple object.
coords - the coordinate values for the new control point. If three floats are given, then the handle values are automatically generated.
           (type=sequence of three or nine floats)
a new BezTriple object

Variable Details


The available BezTriple handle types.
  • FREE - handle has no constraints
  • AUTO - completely constrain handle based on knot position
  • VECT - constraint handle to line between current and neighboring knot
  • ALIGN - constrain handle to lie in a straight line with knot's other handle
  • AUTOANIM - constrain IPO handles to be horizontal on extremes
readonly dictionary

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