Module LibData :: Class Libraries

Class Libraries

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The Library object

This class provides a unified way to access and manipulate library types in Blender. It provides access to scenes, objects, meshes, curves, metaballs, materials, textures, images, lattices, lamps, cameras, ipos, worlds, fonts, texts, sounds, groups, armatures, and actions.

Instance Variables
LibData actions
library action data
LibData armatures
library armature data
LibData cameras
library camera data
LibData curves
library curve data
string filename
The filename of the library, as supplied by user.
LibData fonts
library font data
LibData groups
library group data
LibData images
library image data
LibData ipos
library ipo data
LibData lamps
library lamp data
LibData lattices
library lattice data
LibData materials
library material data
LibData meshes
library mesh data
LibData metaballs
library metaball data
string name
The path to the library, as used by Blender.
LibData objects
library object data
LibData scenes
library scene data
LibData sounds
library sound data
LibData texts
library text data
LibData textures
library texture data
LibData worlds
library world data
Instance Variable Details


The path to the library, as used by Blender. If the filename supplied by the user is relative, but the relative option to library.load() is False, the name will be the absolute path.