Module Bpy_config
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Source Code for Module Bpy_config

 1  # bpy module and the bpy PyType object 
 3  """ 
 4  bpy.config 
 5  ========== 
 7  This module gives you direct access to blenders preferences. 
 9  @var undoSteps: number of undo steps to store. 
10  @type undoSteps: int 
11  @var textureTimeout: free textures from openGL memory if unused after this time. 
12  @type textureTimeout: int 
13  @var textureCollectRate: tag textures as being used at this interval of time. 
14  @type textureCollectRate: int 
15  @var sequenceMemCacheLimit: how much memory to use for a sequencer cache. 
16  @type sequenceMemCacheLimit: int 
17  @var fontSize: display size for fonts in the user interface. 
18  @type fontSize: int 
19  @var yfExportDir: yafray export path. 
20  @type yfExportDir: string 
21  @var fontDir: default font path. 
22  @type fontDir: string 
23  @var renderDir: default render path. 
24  @type renderDir: string 
25  @var textureDir: default texture path. 
26  @type textureDir: string 
27  @var userScriptsDir: path for user scripts. 
28  @type userScriptsDir: string 
29  @var texturePluginsDir: default texture plugin path. 
30  @type texturePluginsDir: string 
31  @var soundDir: default sound path. 
32  @type soundDir: string 
33  @var sequencePluginsDir: default sequencer plugin path. 
34  @type sequencePluginsDir: string 
35  @var tempDir: path where temp files are saved. 
36  @type tempDir: string 
37  """