base class — bpy_struct

subclasses — ArmatureModifier, ArrayModifier, BevelModifier, BooleanModifier, BuildModifier, CastModifier, ClothModifier, CollisionModifier, CorrectiveSmoothModifier, CurveModifier, DataTransferModifier, DecimateModifier, DisplaceModifier, DynamicPaintModifier, EdgeSplitModifier, ExplodeModifier, FluidModifier, HookModifier, LaplacianDeformModifier, LaplacianSmoothModifier, LatticeModifier, MaskModifier, MeshCacheModifier, MeshDeformModifier, MeshSequenceCacheModifier, MeshToVolumeModifier, MirrorModifier, MultiresModifier, NodesModifier, NormalEditModifier, OceanModifier, ParticleInstanceModifier, ParticleSystemModifier, RemeshModifier, ScrewModifier, ShrinkwrapModifier, SimpleDeformModifier, SkinModifier, SmoothModifier, SoftBodyModifier, SolidifyModifier, SubsurfModifier, SurfaceDeformModifier, SurfaceModifier, TriangulateModifier, UVProjectModifier, UVWarpModifier, VertexWeightEditModifier, VertexWeightMixModifier, VertexWeightProximityModifier, VolumeDisplaceModifier, VolumeToMeshModifier, WarpModifier, WaveModifier, WeightedNormalModifier, WeldModifier, WireframeModifier

class bpy.types.Modifier(bpy_struct)

Modifier affecting the geometry data of an object


The active modifier in the list


boolean, default False


In a local override object, whether this modifier comes from the linked reference object, or is local to the override


boolean, default False, (readonly)


Modifier name


string, default “”, (never None)


Set modifier expanded in the user interface


boolean, default False


Display modifier in Edit mode


boolean, default False


Adjust edit cage to modifier result


boolean, default False


Use modifier during render


boolean, default False


Display modifier in viewport


boolean, default False

  • DATA_TRANSFER Data Transfer – Transfer several types of data (vertex groups, UV maps, vertex colors, custom normals) from one mesh to another.

  • MESH_CACHE Mesh Cache – Deform the mesh using an external frame-by-frame vertex transform cache.

  • MESH_SEQUENCE_CACHE Mesh Sequence Cache – Deform the mesh or curve using an external mesh cache in Alembic format.

  • NORMAL_EDIT Normal Edit – Modify the direction of the surface normals.

  • WEIGHTED_NORMAL Weighted Normal – Modify the direction of the surface normals using a weighting method.

  • UV_PROJECT UV Project – Project the UV map coordinates from the negative Z axis of another object.

  • UV_WARP UV Warp – Transform the UV map using the difference between two objects.

  • VERTEX_WEIGHT_EDIT Vertex Weight Edit – Modify of the weights of a vertex group.

  • VERTEX_WEIGHT_MIX Vertex Weight Mix – Mix the weights of two vertex groups.

  • VERTEX_WEIGHT_PROXIMITY Vertex Weight Proximity – Set the vertex group weights based on the distance to another target object.

  • ARRAY Array – Create copies of the shape with offsets.

  • BEVEL Bevel – Generate sloped corners by adding geometry to the mesh’s edges or vertices.

  • BOOLEAN Boolean – Use another shape to cut, combine or perform a difference operation.

  • BUILD Build – Cause the faces of the mesh object to appear or disappear one after the other over time.

  • DECIMATE Decimate – Reduce the geometry density.

  • EDGE_SPLIT Edge Split – Split away joined faces at the edges.

  • NODES Geometry Nodes.

  • MASK Mask – Dynamically hide vertices based on a vertex group or armature.

  • MIRROR Mirror – Mirror along the local X, Y and/or Z axes, over the object origin.

  • MESH_TO_VOLUME Mesh to Volume.

  • MULTIRES Multiresolution – Subdivide the mesh in a way that allows editing the higher subdivision levels.

  • REMESH Remesh – Generate new mesh topology based on the current shape.

  • SCREW Screw – Lathe around an axis, treating the input mesh as a profile.

  • SKIN Skin – Create a solid shape from vertices and edges, using the vertex radius to define the thickness.

  • SOLIDIFY Solidify – Make the surface thick.

  • SUBSURF Subdivision Surface – Split the faces into smaller parts, giving it a smoother appearance.

  • TRIANGULATE Triangulate – Convert all polygons to triangles.

  • VOLUME_TO_MESH Volume to Mesh.

  • WELD Weld – Find groups of vertices closer than dist and merge them together.

  • WIREFRAME Wireframe – Convert faces into thickened edges.

  • ARMATURE Armature – Deform the shape using an armature object.

  • CAST Cast – Shift the shape towards a predefined primitive.

  • CURVE Curve – Bend the mesh using a curve object.

  • DISPLACE Displace – Offset vertices based on a texture.

  • HOOK Hook – Deform specific points using another object.

  • LAPLACIANDEFORM Laplacian Deform – Deform based a series of anchor points.

  • LATTICE Lattice – Deform using the shape of a lattice object.

  • MESH_DEFORM Mesh Deform – Deform using a different mesh, which acts as a deformation cage.

  • SHRINKWRAP Shrinkwrap – Project the shape onto another object.

  • SIMPLE_DEFORM Simple Deform – Deform the shape by twisting, bending, tapering or stretching.

  • SMOOTH Smooth – Smooth the mesh by flattening the angles between adjacent faces.

  • CORRECTIVE_SMOOTH Smooth Corrective – Smooth the mesh while still preserving the volume.

  • LAPLACIANSMOOTH Smooth Laplacian – Reduce the noise on a mesh surface with minimal changes to its shape.

  • SURFACE_DEFORM Surface Deform – Transfer motion from another mesh.

  • WARP Warp – Warp parts of a mesh to a new location in a very flexible way thanks to 2 specified objects.

  • WAVE Wave – Adds a ripple-like motion to an object’s geometry.

  • VOLUME_DISPLACE Volume Displace – Deform volume based on noise or other vector fields.

  • CLOTH Cloth.

  • COLLISION Collision.

  • DYNAMIC_PAINT Dynamic Paint.

  • EXPLODE Explode – Break apart the mesh faces and let them follow particles.

  • FLUID Fluid.

  • OCEAN Ocean – Generate a moving ocean surface.

  • PARTICLE_INSTANCE Particle Instance.

  • PARTICLE_SYSTEM Particle System – Spawn particles from the shape.

  • SOFT_BODY Soft Body.

  • SURFACE Surface.




Apply this and all preceding deformation modifiers on splines’ points rather than on filled curve/surface


boolean, default False

classmethod bl_rna_get_subclass(id, default=None)

id (string) – The RNA type identifier.


The RNA type or default when not found.

Return type

bpy.types.Struct subclass

classmethod bl_rna_get_subclass_py(id, default=None)

id (string) – The RNA type identifier.


The class or default when not found.

Return type


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