Relevant to Blender v2.31 TO BE UPDATED

There are three kind of effects which can be linked to an Object, ideally working during animations but in practice precious even for Stills.

Effects are added to an Object by selecting it, switching to the Object Context and locating the Effects Tab in the Constraints Panel (F7 or ). By pressing the New Effect button of Figure 1 an Effect is added.

Figure 1. Animation Buttons Window

The Delete button removes an effect, if one is there, while the drop down list which appears on the right once an effect is added (Figure 1 in the Section called Build Effect in the chapter called Other Effects) selects the type of effect.

More than one effect can be linked to a single Object. A row of small buttons, one for each effect, is created beneath the New Effect button, allowing you to switch from one to another to change settings.

The three effects are Build, Particles and Wave, the second being the most versatile and deserving a whole chapter for its own.