Parenting (Grouping)

Relevant to Blender v2.31

To create a group of objects, you must first make one of them the parent of the others. To do so, select at least two objects, press CTRL-P, and confirm on the dialog Make Parent?. The active object will be made the parent of all the others. The center of all children is now linked to the center of the parent by a dashed line. At this point, grabbing, rotating, and scaling the parent will do the same to the children being grabbed, rotated and scaled likewise.

Parenting is a very important tool with many advanced applications, as we'll see in later chapters.

Press SHIFT-G with an active object to see the Group Selection menu (Figure 3). This contains:

Figure 3. Group Select

Move the child to the parent by clearing its origin (select it and press ALT-O).

Remove a parent relation via ALT-P. You can (Figure 4):

Figure 4. Freeing Children