Geometry Nodes Modifier

The Geometry Nodes modifier creates a modifier with a node group which defines its functionality.


A new Geometry Nodes modifier with a new node group.

This modifier is supported by mesh, curve, text, and volume objects.


Node Group

A Node Group with the geometry input and output. Those are respectively what is received and passed to the previous and next modifier in the stack. See Nodes for all available nodes.


A list of the node group’s inputs which can have unique values even if the group is shared among multiple modifiers.

If the input is connected to a Field socket, there will be a toggle to switch between using a single value for the input or using an attribute on the input geometry. Using an attribute for input means the value can be different for every element.


The attribute domain used to access the attribute is defined by the node the input is connected to.

Output Attributes

By connecting a field socket to the group output node, you can create custom Attributes from a Field output of any node in the node tree. The domain of the attribute must be specified in the group node’s output properties. Note, this does not work with Instanced Data.