Material Options panel.

This panel provides a series of control options concerning how objects using this material will appear in the rendered image. All controls are default “Off” unless otherwise stated.

Include this material and the geometry that uses it in ray-tracing calculations. See Transparency for details of ray tracing.
Full Oversampling
Force this material to render full shading and textures for all anti-aliasing samples.
Render this material with zero alpha, but with sky background in place (scanline only).
Use Mist
Use mist on this material (see “World Settings” for more details).
Invert Z depth
Render material’s faces with an inverted Z-buffer (scanline only).
Z Offset
Give faces an artificial Z offset for Z transparency.
Light Group
Limit lighting to lamps in this light group.
Uses the light group exclusively. These lamps will be excluded from other scene lighting.
When linked in, uses local light group with the same name.
Face Textures
Replace object’s base color with color from UV map image textures.
Face Textures Alpha
Replace object’s base alpha with alpha from UV map image textures.
Vertex Color Paint
Replace object’s base color with vertex paint colors (multiply with ‘texture face’ face assigned textures).
Vertex Color Light
Add vertex paint colors as additional lighting. (This can be used to produce good incandescence effects).
Object Color
Modulate the result with a per object color. See Object Display panel.
UV Project
Use to ensure UV interpolation is correct for camera projections (use with UV Project Modifier).
Pass Index
Index number for the Material Index render pass.