Mode:Sculpt Mode
Panel:Tool Shelf ‣ Options

See the Overlay & Appearance options.

Options Panel

Setting the factor allows you to add gravity to your brush strokes, giving it a draping effect.
Using another object, the gravity can be oriented to the set object’s local Z axis, changing the direction of the gravity.
Threaded Sculpt
Takes advantage of multiple CPU processors to improve sculpting performance.
Fast Navigation
For multi-resolution models, shows low resolution while navigating in the viewport.
Use Deform Only
Limits the activated modifiers on the active object to Deform Modifiers, and Multiresolution. Constructive modifiers (like Subdivision Surface, Mirror and other) get deactivated, because they could give inaccurate results.
Show Diffuse Color
Allows the active object to show its diffuse color when sculpting.
Show Mask
The option to hide mask in the viewport. Brushes themselves are still affected by the mask, but the viewport will not display the mask.
Unified Settings
Forces the brush size to be shared across brushes.
Forces the brush strength to be shared across brushes.
Not used in Sculpt Mode.