For painting modes each brush type is exposed as a tool, the brush can be changed from the tool setting.


Brush data-block menu.


The Data-Block Menu to select a preset brush type or a custom brush. They are a combination of a “tool”, along with stroke, texture, and options.

Add Brush
When you add a brush, the new brush is a clone of the current one.


In order to save in a blend-user a custom brush, tick Fake User.

The size of the brush can be changed by the [ and ] shortcuts.

The influence direction of the brush. This can be Add or Subtract.
Amount of smoothing to apply to each stroke.
Inverse Autosmooth
Lighter pressure causes more smoothing to apply.
Simulated height of brush.


Accumulate stroke daubs on top of each other.
Radius Unit
Measure brush size relative to the screen.
Measure brush size relative to the scene.
Sculpt Plane

Set the orientation of the brush effect.

  • Area Plane
  • View Plane
  • X Plane
  • Y Plane
  • Z Plane
Original Normal
Keep using the normal of the initial location where the stroke originated.
Front Faces Only
Brush only affects vertices that face the viewer.
2D Falloff
Apply brush influence in 2D circle instead of a sphere.