Menu:Render ‣ Simplify

Common Settings

Max Subdivision
Maximum number of subdivision by the subdivision surface modifiers.
Child Particles
Show only a subset of all child hairs and particles.
Texture Limit
Automatically scales textures down so that they are no larger than the values chosen. This can help reduce computer memory resources when rendering large scenes with huge textures.
AO Bounces
Replace global illumination with ambient occlusion after the specified number of bounces. This can reduce noise in interior scenes with little visual difference.


Use High-resolution Smoke
Shows a higher resolution version of Smoke Simulations in the viewport.


See Common Settings above.


Use Camera Cull
Automatically culls objects based on the camera frustum defined by the Margin.
Use Distance Cull
Automatically culls objects based on their distance from the active camera. This is set via the Distance property.

Grease Pencil

Playback Only
Activates the simplification process only during animation playback.
Disable Grease Pencil modifiers.
Disable Grease Pencil visual effects.
Layer Blending
Disable the blending modes used in layers.
Layer Tinting
Disable layers tint overrides, only base material colors are displayed.
Disable Fill
Disable the fill component in Grease Pencil materials.
The strokes of materials that use a fill component are not displayed.