Transform Options



Object Mode and Pose Mode


Sidebar ‣ Tool ‣ Options ‣ Transform

Affect Only

Origins Ctrl-Period

Directly transforms the object’s origin. This only works for objects with data which can be transformed; i.e. it will not work on object lights.

When enabled, the object axes are displayed.

Take care using this option since it transforms the object-data which may cause linked duplicates to be moved unintentionally.


Changing the object location and the object-data may impact modifiers, constraints and keyframe animation.

If you’re only temporarily setting the pivot point, use the 3D cursor instead.


Changes the position of the object’s origin relative to another point during transformation. In other words, the pivot point and the origin cannot share the same location. This will not affect the object local transforms, just its position in world space.

In the examples below, a comparison of the scaling and rotation of objects, when Location is enabled (middle) and disabled (right).


Rotation example.


Scaling example.


Transforms Parent Objects while leaving their children objects unaffected.