Relations Management


Linking objects to a collection.

Data-blocks can be dragged and dropped to manage data relations in the Outliner. To begin a drag and drop, LMB click and drag from the name or icon of a data-block.

Objects can be moved to collections by dropping on the name or contents of a collection. To link an object to a collection, hold Ctrl while dropping. To set parent-child relations between objects, drop an object onto another object while holding Shift.


Drag and drop will attempt to operate on the entire selection. Selected data-blocks that are incompatible with the operation will remain unmodified.

Modifiers, Constraints, & Visual Effects

You can manage Modifiers, Constraints, and Visual Effects from the Outliner in a couple ways:

  • To change the order with in the stack select the desired modifier and move it above or below other modifiers.

  • To copy a single modifier to another select the modifier and drag it on top of the desired object.

  • To copy the whole modifier stack to another object select the modifier icon and drag in to the desired object.

Drag & Dropping to 3D Viewport

Objects & Object Data

Dragging object data-blocks from the Outliner to the 3D Viewport creates a duplicate of the object. Dragging object data data-blocks from the Outliner to the 3D Viewport creates a linked duplicate of the object.