Build Modifier

The Build modifier make strokes appear or disappear in a frame range to create the effect of animating lines being drawn or erased.



The Build modifier.


Determines how many strokes are being animated at a time.


Strokes appear/disappear one after the other, but only a single one changes at a time.


Multiple stroke appear/disappear at a time.

If enabled you can set the Time Alignment.

Time Alignment
Align Start

All stroke start at the same time (i.e. shorter strokes finish earlier).

Align End

All stroke end at the same time (i.e. shorter strokes start later).


Determines the animation type to build the strokes.


Shows points in the order they occur in each stroke, from first to last stroke. (Simulating lines being drawn.)


Hide points from the end of each stroke to the start, from last to first stroke. (Simulating lines being erased.)


Hide points in the order they occur in each stroke, from first to last stroke. (Simulating ink fading or vanishing after getting drawn.)

Start Delay

Number of frames after each Grease Pencil keyframe before the modifier has any effects.


Maximum number of frames that the build effect can run for. (Unless another Grease Pencil keyframe occurs before this time has elapsed.)


Use a defined percentage factor to control the amount of the stroke that is visible.


Object to use as the start position of the build transition.

Custom Range

If enabled, only modify strokes during the specified frame range.

Start, End

Determines the start and end frame for the build effect.



Defines home much the stroke is fading in/out.


How much strength fading is applied to the stroke’s thickness.


How much strength fading applies to the stroke’s opacity.

Weight Output

Assign a weight value to points that have started/finished the fade.

Influence Filters

See Influence Filters.