Sculpt Mode


Toolbar ‣ Cloth

The Cloth brush uses a simplified Cloth Solver to simulate cloth physics on the mesh under the brush. Masked vertices are pinned in the simulation, and it applies the sculpt gravity directly in the solver. Note, using a relatively small brush makes the solver’s calculations much faster, larger brush sizes might be too slow to get a usable brush.

Simulation Limit

The Factor added relative to the size of the radius to limit the cloth simulation effects.

Simulation Falloff

The area to apply deformation falloff to the effects of the simulation. This setting is a factor of the Simulation Limit and is shown as a dashed line around the cursor.


The type of cloth deformation that is used by the brush.


Simulates pulling the cloth to the cursor, similar to placing a finger on a table cloth and pulling.


Simulates pushing the cloth away from the cursor, similar to placing a finger on a table cloth and pushing.

Pinch Point

Simulates pulling the cloth into a point.

Pinch Perpendicular

Simulates pulling the brush into a line.


Simulates air being blown under the cloth so that the cloth lifts up.


Simulates picking up and moving the cloth.


Simulates stretching the cloth out.

Force Falloff

Shape used in the brush to apply force to the cloth.


Applies the force as a sphere.


Applies the force as a plane.

Cloth Mass

Mass of each simulation particle.

Cloth Damping

How much the applied forces are propagated through the cloth.